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Peace of Mind While You Work Out

We know it's not always feasible - or economical - to leave the kids with a babysitter while you work out. That's why we offer childcare for all ages, from infants through pre-teens. Our safe childcare area is organized by age group, so you'll never have to worry that your toddler is playing with much older children.

Each childcare area features age-appropriate toys and play structures, with indoor and outdoor play areas available. Our staff members take the time to interact with your children and lead them in circle time, dramatic play, story time, and other activities, including sports. The scheduled activities are a mix of workouts and arts and crafts, puzzles, and other sessions designed to keep your kids' minds active too.

So don't worry: your kids are safe with us while you work out. When you're done, the whole family can get together for a dip in the pool and a snack.

Take a look at the Activity Calendar to learn which clubs offer which fitness and special activities.

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