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CFF Fitness Amenities

State of the Art Facilities

California Family Fitness is committed to providing the latest workout equipment as well as facilities that are well-maintained and perfect for families. Bring your kids and make plans to stay for several hours.

Swimming Pools & Spray Gardens

Our family-focused swimming pools encourage those with weight-bearing issues to continue participating in an active lifestyle. During summer, we even offer aqua fitness classes ranging from relaxing to challenging, including sessions that incorporate Pilates and workouts geared toward competitive swimmers.Our spray gardens are a favorite among kids, especially during the hot summer months. Who needs water theme parks when you can enjoy your neighborhood fitness club.

Rock Walls

Rock walls are available at many of our clubs. Those seeking a little more thrill to their daily workout will enjoy the daring heights involved in climbing to the top. Don't worry: all proper safety precautions are followed to the letter.

Basketball, Racquetball, Volleyball, Tennis Courts, and Soccer Fields

If you have a favorite court sport, we offer a way to play it. Drop by for some casual competition or bring friends. Enjoy one of our two indoor soccer fields at the Rocklin Sports Complex.

X-Bike and VR X-Bike

Take your indoor cycling experience to the next level with X-Bike, the only indoor bike that gives you a total body workout. You'll burn twice as many calories in the same amount of time. We offer hree levels of X-Bike classes, from sessions aimed at beginners to workouts geared toward experienced riders.We even offer Virtual Reality (VR) X-Bikes, which put you in front of the big screen for a part videogame, part workout that takes you across deserts, through forests, and past the finish line.

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