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Goals: get fit and meet new people!

natomas personal training success before & after photos

Weight Loss: 140 lbs.
What She Did: personal training and group training
CalFit Club: Natomas 
Bonus Personal Training Results: able to run a complete 5K!

"Through the help and support of the Cal Fit in Natomas and my Personal Trainer, I have lost 140 pounds in the past two years and am half the person I was when I moved to Sacramento. I’ve dropped 10 dress sizes and have transformed my physical health."


Goals: Lose weight and get energized!

folsom personal training success before & after photos

Weight Loss: 75 lbs.
What She Did: Custom workout with nutrition assistance
Personal Trainer: Michael Mascio
CalFit Club: Folsom 
Bonus Personal Training Results: keeping up with the kids! 

"Training with Michael will stay with me for the rest of my life as I continue to apply what I’ve learned and I’ll never again let my health take a back seat to life knowing I had him in my corner."


Goals: shed pounds and years!

folsom personal training success before & after photos

Weight Loss: 50 lbs.
What He Did: 3 PT Sessions per week for a year
Personal Trainer: Dustin LaPierre
CalFit Club: Folsom
Bonus Personal Training Results: Lowered blood pressure to normal level and no longer needs medication.

"My experience with CFF has been an incredible journey...I've got the energy and stamina that I had 20 years ago, and best of all, my family is now proud of my physical appearance."


Goals: look good for daughter's wedding!

elk grove personal training success before & after photos

Weight Loss: 70 lbs.
What She Did: Weight training and cardio
Personal Trainer: Gina Cargile
CalFit Club: Elk Grove
Bonus Personal Training Results: Foot, ankle, and breathing problems have disappeared.

"Knowing that I have someone that thinks I am important enough to be there with me at 7 am makes me value their time and it holds me accountable to be committed to my goals."


Goals: improve mood and energy level!

sacramento personal training success before & after photos

Weight Loss: 25+ lbs.
What He Did: half-hour lunchtime PT sessions
Personal Trainer: Jose Serrano
CalFit Club: Downtown 
Bonus Personal Training Results: gains in muscle mass.

"My motivation and mood have improved. I take the stairs at work. I now feel accomplished and younger, two feeling that have been challenging (and exciting) for me to experience."


Goals: Gain strength and lose weight!

elk grove ca personal training success before & after photos

Weight Loss: 65 lbs.
What She Did: Upper body muscle-building
Personal Trainer: Cristian
CalFit Club: Elk Grove 
Bonus Personal Training Results: better posture and ability to lift her photography equipment 

"At 76 years of age, I now feel much more physically fit and able to stick to my routine, while maintaining my 65 pound weight loss."

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