Registration Information & FAQs

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Getting Started

Once you've downloaded the app to your device, click create account.


  1. This is the most important step! Fill out your information.

    Please make sure to include the same email address that we have associated with your Cal Fit membership. If you don't know your current email on file with us, you can check with the front desk at any available Cal Fit club.

    Select “I am a member of California Family Fitness and I have a member barcode

    Enter your barcode number (found on the back of your Cal Fit membership card). 

    Read and agree to the terms and conditions and liability waiver.

    Click Register Now. You will receive a Cal Fit Registration Verification email.
  2. Inside the email, click Complete Your Email Verification. You will then be prompted to create a password, then click Finalize Registration
  3. You're almost done! On the next page, click Finalize In-Club Reservation & Check-in Account. From there, enter the email you just verified for the app, and check your email one more time for an email from Cal Fit In-Club Reservation & Check-in.
  4. Inside the email, click Create New Password. Once your password is confirmed, you’re all set!

We have created quick reference guide to highlight each feature and navigate our new app.



Please use the "forgot your password?" link on the login screen of the app to request a password reset email.


You will be asked to enter your email address in order to be sent a password-reset link via email. Once your new password is set, you will be ready to login to the app.


If you do not receive a password reset email, please fill out an app help request for additional assistance.




If you already know your current password but would like to update it, please visit the online portal for our app using a browser and login using your existing password.

Once you have logged in, navigate to the upper right hand corner and click to access "Account settings"




On the next screen you will see a variety of account settings. Select the "email and password" section on left, and then select "change" next to the password.



Next, enter your new password as well as your current password, then click "save" to save your new password. Please note: once you have changed your password here, you will need to log in with your new password when you return to the mobile app.



If you have moved or would otherwise like to change your location in the app, please visit the desktop version of the app by clicking the link below.

Once you have logged in, navigate to the upper right hand corner and access "Account settings"




On the next screen you will see a variety of account settings. Select the "Language and location" section on left, and then enter your desired location in the "location" field.



Once your location is set, hit the blue "save" button to save your changes.

In many cases, a simple "sync" can ensure that your app is fully up to date. Detailed instructions below.

To start, navigate to the "Me" section of the app at the bottom right of the home screen.



Then click the "settings" cog in the upper right hand corner.



On the settings screen, find and click the "sync" icon near the bottom to download the latest updates.



The Cal Fit App has highly customizable settings with your privacy in mind. 

To update your privacy settings, start by navigating to the "Me" section of the app at the bottom right of the home screen.



Then click the "settings" cog in the upper right hand corner.



On the settings screen, find and click the "Privacy" icon to access your privacy settings page.



On the next screen you will see the variety of settings that you can change. You have 5 levels of availability to choose from: Nobody, people that I follow, followers of followers, employees of my community, and anyone in the community.



If you want your fitness journey to be a personal journey, mark all settings to be visible to "nobody".

You can change your home club at any time by adding that club to your list, and changing via the home screen.
Detailed instructions below. 


To begin, click the "Gym Finder" tile and find the club you're looking for, then click on that gym to view the "club info" screen for that location.



On the "club info" screen, if that club is not already in your list of clubs, there will be an "Add to My Clubs" button at the bottom. Click this button to add it to your clubs.



After clicking "add to my clubs", that club will now be chosen as your "active" or "home" club. If you need to change your home club in the future, you can do so at any time by clicking the icon in the upper right of the home screen. This will bring you to the "My Clubs" screen.



While on the "My Clubs" screen, you can select any club listed there to change your "active" club.



Our new app is available for desktop users here:

General Account Registration:
You must register a new account to establish a profile on our new app. Please follow the directions in the "How do I download the app and register an account?" FAQ above.

In-club Reservation & Check-in Registration:
Your General Account registration is used to create your In-club reservation & check-in account. You need to be registered on the new app in order to reserve Cal Fit Group Fitness Classes, and lap lanes at our Rocklin location.



Once you've got your In-club reservation & check-in account set up, you can reserve your spot in group fitness classes on any computer using this link and your in-club reservation and check-in account info:

Our front desk staff is happy to check you in before your class/lap lane reservation begins!

Make sure to get to the gym a little early to give us time to get you checked in.


Group Fitness

If you do not receive an email automatically from Cal Fit In-Club reservation & check-in after registering for the app, please do the following:

  • Login to the app and navigate to the class schedule.
  • In the upper right, click "My Account"
  • On the next screen click the "Need new password?" option.
  • Enter the email address you have associated with your Cal Fit app account.
  • Open the password reset email and set your in-club reservation password. 
  • Once you set a new password for your In-club reservation and check in account, you will be ready to go reserve your spot in class!

Classes are available to be reserved up to 7 days in advance.

You can view class schedules further in advance, but reservations are set at 7 days prior.


After your app registration is complete, watch your inbox for an email from Cal Fit In-Club reservations.


Use the link in your Cal Fit In-Club Reservations email to set a new password and complete your Group Fitness registration.


Once your in-club reservation account registration is complete, find the class schedule tile in the app and login using your Group Fitness by Cal Fit info. Now you're set to register for classes and reserve your spot!

Once you have your class reserved, please visit the front desk and have your member barcode handy.

Let the front desk know which class you are checking in to and a team member will be happy to check you into your class. 

If you do not have/know your barcode, staff can look you up with your phone number and/or email address.

You can filter by time of day, class type, instructor, and location by using the "filter" pin in the upper right of the Class Schedule. 




Once clicked, the filter pin will turn blue, and different options will be available. 



Select your home location and any other filters you require and your class view will change accordingly.



View group fitness classes that you have already reserved.

First login to your group fitness account by accessing the "My Account" area of the scheduler:



After you've logged in, you will see the "Account Info" area. Open the collapsible menu.



Click "Schedule" to view your current schedule of reserved classes.





Cancelling a class

You can cancel a class you have already reserved while viewing your schedule by clicking the "cancel" button on the right hand side of the class listing. Once processed, you will receive a confirmation of your cancellation.



The following error has been reported by Android users while attempting to reserve/login to the Group Fitness area. 




This issue occurs when a browser or a browser extension is blocking 3rd party cookies. Our Group Fitness scheduler requires cookies to function properly.


The current fix for the above issue is to add our Group Fitness class schedule page to your whitelisted websites in your browser/browser extension(s) in order to allow cookies to be stored by our Group Fitness scheduler.


Class Schedule URL(App):

Class Schedule URL (Website - Classes Page):


What if these FAQ's don't resolve my issue? 

If you have used the provided solutions on this page, and they do not resolve your app issue(s), please visit our App Help Request Page and submit a help request.