Madison Avenue Radiant Yoga Studio

Class Descriptions

Soul Flow Vinyasa Flow

Our basic Vinyasa flow classes will guide you through breathing, alignment, and modifications to build your practice. This graceful and strong Vinyasa is a slower paced instruction with plenty of core, balance and flexibility. You will detoxify the body while calming the mind in the 90+ degree infrared temperature. All levels welcome.

Intro to Radiant Yoga

If you are new to Yoga or to working in radiant heat then this is the place for you to start. We will spend some time together getting to know the basic poses and getting familiar with the way that your unique body performs in the heat.

Power Yoga

This challenging and dynamic class focuses on mobility through safe sequencing set to modern music. Get ready to move and sweat as the energy rises and falls, all while focusing on alignment and breath. The room will be heated and students are encouraged to rest or modify any athletic posture, optional hands on assisting is available.

Guaranga Yoga

This is a transformative yoga class that helps regain inner strength and stamina. It helps to build vigor to one's spirit, stress relieving, balance, center, energy healing and over-all well being! This is flow yoga with moving meditation. All Levels Welcome!

Radiant Aroma Slow Flow

In our Radiantly warmed room, take a delicious journey on your Mat with this slow, graceful, flowing Yoga practice blended with Aromatherapy, using Pure, Safe, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (Optional). Side effects might include enhanced Breathing, and deeper states of Meditation, Relaxation and Bliss. Appropriate for All Levels with modifications offered for Beginners to Advanced Practitioners.

Hot Pilates

Core and spinal work- always engaging your powerhouse to lengthen and strengthen the abdominal muscles and spine with contraction and rotational exercises. Side lying series- focusing on the muscles around the hips, the muscles that make up the glutes, and inner thighs. All while engaging the powerhouse to stabilize the movements. Arms and shoulders- the final section to shape and strengthen the muscles around the shoulders and arms. Working on shoulder joint flexibility and spinal posture, the work in this section can be done with small weights for an added challenge

Core Flow Power Hour

Flowing yoga poses linked to breath with an emphasis on precision and stability to activate and condition the core, as well as deep stretching and strengthening of all the muscles that work closely together with the core to achieve maximal benefit. Core Flow is suitable for all levels and an excellent way to build core strength, balance as well as flexibility while keeping focus on the mind body connection.