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When you want a heart-pumping, fat-burning workout, sign up for one of our cardio workout classes. Our Group Fitness Instructors use a sports-oriented approach in our cardio-athletic classes, but they minimize the amount of choreography involved, so anyone can jump in and feel right at home. We offer aerobics classes, boot camp workout classes, kickboxing classes, and more.

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This class gives you the intensity you've been looking for. Short periods of cardio exercises alternate with strength exercises for an intense workout that anyone can do.


This popular training program comes to life as our instructors teach you how to punch, kick, and block your way through a fun and challenging cardiovascular workout!


Let our instructors take you on a cardiovascular journey! Pedal through flat roads, hills and valleys as you take your training to a new, fat-burning level with cycling classes at Cal Fit!

Aqua Aerobics

This combo style class mixes up power, spin, step, sports, running, walking, kickboxing, strength moves, and relaxation. Designed to challenge all your aquatic exercise skills in shallow or deep water.


Zumba® Find out why this class is sweeping the nation! Zumba combines Latin dance moves with hip hop, belly dancing and traditional fitness moves. Cardio intervals, motivating music and choreography that everyone can do will make you keep coming back for more.


Use the step platform to keep your mind busy and your heart pumping. These classes have beginning to intermediate intensity and choreography. 

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