Think of your regular Step class with the added thrill of a fun and vivacious dance party! California Family Fitness has put together Sacramento’s most fun blend of both workouts for you and your family to enjoy.

When you’re having fun, you won’t even realize you’re working to simultaneously burn calories at a phenomenal rate. With California Family Fitness Dance Step classes, you take your workout a step higher for a more intensity-geared workout. Faster transitions, dance moves, and great tunes call for an energy-enhancing Step class. With our hip hop dance classes, zumba dance classes, and aerobic dance classes, you’ll never get bored!

These dance workout classes are a great way to get your groove on while also helping to:

  • increase cardiovascular performance

  • strengthen your lower body

  • increase coordination

  • burn up to 575 calories/hour

With fun and fitness all in one package, you can’t afford to miss out on the best dance fitness classes in Sacramento.

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