Class Schedule

Zumba is the hot fitness program that has taken the country by storm. If you like the idea of dancing your way into peak fitness, then our Zumba class is exactly what you need.

Zumba fitness classes are fast-paced cardio fitness classes that fuse Latin dance moves from salsa, merengue, and flamenco with a little bit of hip hop, belly dancing and martial arts. The result is a heart pumping, calorie-burning workout that feels more like a party!

The best part about the Zumba dance class at California Family Fitness is that it’s a high-energy workout AND it’s easy to learn, making it perfect for people of all fitness levels. If you need a break for water or to catch your breath, you just step away and jump back in when you’re ready. No pressure, no competition, no complicated moves...just fun!

Zumba became popular for one basic reason: it makes getting in shape a blast! People who try it once come back again and again, not because they want to lose weight, but because it is so much fun!

By using a combination of aerobic dance movements, fast and slow rhythms (interval training), and resistance training, Zumba workout classes help you to:

  • burn up to 350 calories/hour

  • improve cardiovascular performance

  • strengthen core and lower body

  • enhance coordination


California Family Fitness offers Zumba classes at multiple Sacramento area gym locations. Sign up for the best Zumba classes in Sacramento!