The Ultimate Indoor Cycling Experience

Let our instructors take you on a cardiovascular journey with our exhilarating cycle classes. Pedal along flat roads, up and down hills, and through valleys as you take your training to a new fat-burning level with our indoor cycling workouts! Come for a spin with us in some of the best indoor cycling classes in Sacramento!

Newcomers: We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to class start time to let our instructors give you a custom bike fit.

New Premium Indoor Bikes

We are proud to present a total revamp of the cycle program, featuring new Stages SC Series indoor bikes equipped with the popular Power Meters.

  • Delivers the most natural road feel with quick position adjustments
  • Provides the most accurate metrics to achieve your fitness goals
  • Born from the needs of professional cyclists and perfected for indoor use
  • Metrics include watts, RPMs, speed and total distance 

Stages bikes allow the instructor to set the ride up in "stages" to allow internal and external competition, so it's perfect for all levels!


Stages Bikes are Available at These Gyms:

Elk Grove - Bond • Elk Grove - LagunaFolsomMidtown Sacramento
Downtown SacramentoNatomasRocklin • Roseville  - Sunrise

example of new stage bike in sacramento indoor cycling class

Indoor Cycling Benefits

Cycling classes are a perfect way to get a low-impact, cardiovascular workout. If you are recovering from injury or just starting a fitness routine, our instructors can assist you in adjusting the bike for your needs and recommend appropriate goals.

More great reasons to start cycling today:

  • Burn calories, as much as 400-600 per class
  • Lower stress
  • Improve heart health
  • Build leg muscles
  • Tone arms and core

What About Spin Classes?

"Spinning classes" are mistakenly used as a generic term to describe indoor cycling. Many people don't realize that "Spin®" and "Spinning®" are trademarked names that describe indoor cycling on a specific brand of equipment.

Although all Cal Fit locations do not host official branded Spinning® classes, we do offer the ultimate, challenging indoor cycling experience on high-quality equipment, and with carefully trained instructors. You'll burn just as many calories!


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