Low-Impact Core Strength Exercise

Joseph Pilates' teachings formed the foundation for this series of exercises, which you've likely heard and read about on the news and in magazines. Come find out why our Pilates classes are some of our most popular low-impact workouts in our Sacramento area gyms. You'll create a strong core and build a sleek physique with our yoga hybrid and Pilates mat classes.

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This series of exercises is based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates. You've seen it in the news and in magazines, now come find out why this is such a hot workout! Create a strong core and a strong, sleek physique.

Gentle Pilates

Classic Pilates movements presented at a slower pace and with more modifications. This class is perfect for those new to Pilates or that have injuries that need to be addressed, while still building lean muscle.

Pilates for Strength

Combine Pilates movements with group strength training exercises and a variety of equipment to challenge every muscle in your body.


This class will give you the best of both worlds! Core strengthening Pilates movements combined with classic yoga poses combine make you strong, flexible and relaxed.


If yoga makes you yawn, Piyo will make you strong! Be a yoga rebel with PiYo Strength®. It's a unique core-strengthening workout inspired by yoga and Pilates. With upbeat music and a constant flow of moves, it's a rhythmic, dynamic, and intense workout designed to build strength and flexibility.