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The Elk Grove Bond Rd. location was our first-ever California Family Fitness gym. Our gym works hard to ensure that our valued customers have what they need to meet their fitness goals. We offer a wide range of exceptional Zumba, indoor cycling, strength training, and yoga classes, each led by knowledgable and experienced instructors. We offer a variety of classes to accommodate the unique needs of our clientele. Check out the Elk Grove fitness class schedule below; we are confident that you’ll find your new favorite way to workout. When you are done with your Elk Grove workout, spend some time in the gym's beautiful backyard area and its many pools. You deserve a break after a hard workout. 

California Family Fitness has two Elk Grove gym locations, making it easier than ever to schedule in your workout. If you are interested in viewing classes at our other Elk Grove location (Laguna and I-5), please visit the Laguna class schedule page.

The experts at California Family Fitness want to promote your health and wellness by providing advanced personal training offerings, gym amenities, membership benefits, and so much more! Go back to the main Elk Grove gym page for more information. We look forward to welcoming you to our Elk Grove California Family Fitness gym today!

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