A More Gentle Approach to Fitness

Looking for gyms for seniors in the Sacramento area? It’s never too late to start a fitness routine. California Family Fitness offers several senior fitness programs and beginner programs for folks who are over 50 or who are just getting started.

Perhaps you're recovering from an injury or surgery. Or maybe you simply want a gentler approach to fitness. That's where these senior workouts enter the picture. They'll help you find your inner athlete while you get in shape, build your core, and increase your stamina, flexibility, and strength. Our Group Fitness Instructors are able to customize each senior fitness class according to its participants' needs.

Whatever your need, check out all the offerings for seniors at Cal Fit today!

Explore the full list of fitness classes in your area.


Aqua Fitness

This class mixes gentle, low-impact cardio and strength moves with relaxation to give you a complete workout. Aqua classes are safe for all levels, pregnant women, and those in recovery from an injury. 

Simply Yoga

This class is perfect for first-timers, those recovering from injuries, or anyone that wants a kinder approach to the practice of yoga. It is also recommended for pre/post natal women and seniors. 

Simply Pilates

Classic Pilates movements presented at a slower pace and with more modifications. This class is perfect for those new to Pilates or that have injuries that need to be addressed, while still building a strong, sleek physique.

Silver Sculpt & Stretch

This class focuses on strength, stretching, and relaxation techniques; addresses flexibility and balance, in an atmosphere designed for participants that are young at heart.

Sit & Fit

Our instructors will help you gain strength, endurance and flexibility while using a chair for balance. This is a great class for those just starting out, with limited range of motion or balance, and for seniors.

Young at Heart

From the music to the moves this is an aerobics class designed just for mature adults! You'll get cardiovascular fitness, muscle conditioning and flexibility work. Increase your functional strength while you increase your fun!

Zumba Gold

A series of fitness programs specifically designed to take the exciting Latin and International dance and fitness program created in the original ZUMBA® program and bring them to the beginner, active older adult and all participants needing modifications for a successful class.