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Take care of your body, and it will take care of you. Our yoga classes are an excellent way to unwind after a stressful day while burning calories, building strength, and challenging your flexibility – all in one class! Yoga workouts are becoming an important element of overall health and fitness classes. Sign up for a beginner yoga class or one of our power yoga classes today!  

Looking for a yoga class in your neighborhood? Find a location near you and take advantage of the amazing benefits that come from yoga. See class schedules for Folsom Yoga, Rocklin Yoga, Roseville Yoga, Elk Grove Yoga and Natomas Yoga


Gentle Yoga

This class is perfect for first-timers, those recovering from injuries, or anyone that wants a kinder approach to the practice of yoga. It is also recommended for pre/post natal women and seniors. This class avoids inverted poses.

Mixed Levels Yoga

Unwind in this class that is suitable for all levels. Modifications are offered for the more challenging poses and each participant is encouraged to work at their own pace. Although rated as similar in difficulty, each class will be different, as it is a reflection of the instructor's unique training and personality. Improve your strength, flexibility and balance and then take some time to relax at the end of your workout.

Family Yoga

Play together, relax together! Family Yoga is an exploration of strength, balance and flexibility that the whole family can enjoy. Ages 3 and up.


This class will give you the best of both worlds! Core strengthening Pilates movements combined with classic yoga poses combine make you strong, flexible and relaxed.

Power Yoga

Bring out your inner warrior with these challenging poses and sequences! Poses are held for longer and often flow together with minimal rest breaks. Get ready to sweat!


If yoga makes you yawn, Piyo will make you strong! Be a yoga rebel with PiYo Strength®. It's a unique core-strengthening workout inspired by yoga and Pilates. With upbeat music and a constant flow of moves, it's a rhythmic, dynamic, and intense workout designed to build strength and flexibility.

Rise & Shine Yoga

Morning yoga can be just as rejuvenating as a cup of coffee!  The flowing movements of yoga provide a natural energy charge, as well as boosting your immune system, lowering stress hormones, and reducing pain and inflammation.  Find out just how much better your day can be when you start it in a state of relaxation and revitalization through yoga.

Radiant Yoga

Madison Avenue Radiant Yoga Studio powered by California Family Fitness offers radiant yoga with affordable pricing; pairing yoga poses with infrared heat for a low-impact workout with high-impact benefits, including increased flexibility and circulation. Infrared heat directly penetrates tissue, muscles, and joints, allowing them to heal and regenerate. Simply put, sweat won't be the only thing making you glow after a class at our studio.