If you are resident of the State of California, we are required by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to provide you with information regarding our collection, use and sharing of your Personal Information, and to inform you of your rights under the law. California Family Fitness (the “Gym”) may collect, receive, maintain, and use Personal Information about you based on your specific transactions and interactions with the Gym.

You may access our Privacy Policy at California residents may exercise their rights under the CCPA by calling our toll-free number at 1-866-4CALFIT (1-866-422-5348) or submitting an online form at By accepting the below, I acknowledge and confirm that I have received and read and understand this disclosure.

: It is expressly agreed that the use of all California Family Fitness facilities, without limitation and whether engaging in exercise activities or not, shall be undertaken by a member at his/her sole risk, and California Family Fitness shall not be liable for any injuries or any damages to any member, or the property of any member, or be subject to any claim, demand, damages or causes of action arising out of the use of, or occurring on, any California Family Fitness facility or premises regardless of whether it was caused by the negligence of California Family Fitness or its employees. The member also expressly acknowledges that by accepting this release he or she is relinquishing all rights he or she may have to sue California Family Fitness for injuries arising out of the use of any and all California Family Fitness facilities, services and/or any event sponsored by or associated with California Family Fitness. It is agreed that this waiver and release agreement applies to any and all incidents occurring on the California Family Fitness premises, including, but not limited to, slip or trip and fall incidents, negligent supervision or instruction claims, malfunctioning equipment, and any other injury sustained on the California Family Fitness premises regardless of the cause. The member also acknowledges that he or she is relinquishing, on behalf of any minor children (under 18) using California Family Fitness facilities as part of the membership, all rights the child may have to sue California Family Fitness for injuries arising out of his or her use of or presence upon any California Family Fitness facilities or premises.

You are aware and agree that by accepting this waiver and release, you are giving up your right to bring legal action or assert a claim against CFF for its negligence, or for any defective product on its premises. You have read and voluntarily accepted the waiver and release and further agree that no oral representations, statements, or inducement have been made.