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De-Stress & Feel Strong in Elk Grove

Take care of your body, and it will take care of you. Our Elk Grove yoga classes offer the perfect way to unwind and find your peaceful place after a stressful day, while burning calories, building strength and increasing flexibility. 

Our yoga class options in Elk Grove include yoga classes for kids, pregnant women and everyone in between. Best of all, they are provided at no additional charge to Cal Fit members!

Indulge in a superior mind-body experience with our Elk Grove yoga classes. If you would like to view classes at our other Elk Grove location, visit the Laguna gym page.

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Elk Grove California yoga class

Elk Grove Yoga Class Schedule

Meet an Elk Grove Yoga Instructor!

Elk Grove yoga instructor

Jackie Shanabrook

Education/certifications: AMI Montessori teacher diploma and Post Secondary Education certificate; Reflexology, Reiki, Yoga & Pilates certifications.
Favorite workout: I like variety in my work outs so I mix up my week with cardio, weights, core, fun challenges and of course blissful yoga! Nature offers up endless adventures for exercise yet I also love to take a class at the gym or when I travel.
Favorite food: My favorite food is either grown locally or comes from my own back yard. I enjoy being creative in the kitchen with whatever is in season.
Reason for becoming a yoga instructor: I was introduced to yoga in 1978. My practice came and went as I spent the next 25 years lovingly devoted to Montessori education and raising a family. In 1997, I had a strong shift and calling to change career paths to the healing services of Reflexology, Reiki and Yoga. It has been and still is, an honor to share the special gifts of body work and the many helpful tools yoga offers us as we move through this amazing life that contains both joy and sorrow.
Best thing about Elk Grove: Definitely the community! I have lived in Elk Grove for 27 years and have formed some beautiful friendships. I still have several original neighbors! Even with all of the growth over the years, it still feels like a small town to me.
Favorite inspirational quote:  "There is a force within that gives you life -- seek that./In your body there lies a precious jewel -- seek that./Oh wandering Self if you are in search of the greatest treasure, don't look outside. Look within and seek That." -Rumi


Yoga for All Levels

We offer all levels of yoga, from Gentle to Power Yoga. Within each level, each class may be different, as it is a reflection of the instructor's unique training and personality. Every class works on poses to improve your strength, flexibility and balance, with some relaxation time at the end.

Gentle Yoga focuses on the easier poses, holding them for relatively short amounts of time. This is an excellent entry point for beginners, and accessible to seniors or those recovering from injury.

Power Yoga consists of the more challenging standing and balancing poses. Poses may be held for longer, or may be linked with each breath with little rest or transition time in between.

yoga classes in Elk Grove, CA
elk grove family yoga classes

Family Yoga Classes

Families that play together, relax together. Elk Grove yoga is an exploration of strength, balance, flexibility and a whole lot of fun for the whole family!

Many of our instructors will really play up the poses that have names that kids can relate to, like Tree, Down Dog, or Happy Baby...which will hopefully lead to the Napping Child pose.

Children ages 3 and up are welcome to attend Family Yoga. All other Elk Grove yoga classes are available for ages 12 and up. And since we're one of the few Elk Grove gyms with childcare, kids who aren't in a Down Dog mood can always enjoy supervised play while you get your Namaste on. 

Pilates/Piloga Classes

In Pilates classes, you will develop a strong core and learn to control your body's movement. Quality of movement is valued over number of repetitions, resulting in long, lean muscles. Pilates is considered a mind-body workout because of the emphasis on breathing technique, which reduces stress. 

Another benefit of Elk Grove Pilates classes is improved flexibility. By balancing flexibility with strength, your body is less likely to experience injury. You're also less likely to suffer from chronic back pain.

Piloga classes combine many of the core strengthening exercises of Pilates with the classic yoga poses, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. 

Elk Grove pilates class near Sacramento, CA

"When I joined Cal Fit in 2009 I was overweight and suffered from chronic low back pain. I could barely see my toes, let alone touch them. Doing yoga three times a week, I have lost thirty-five pounds and the back pain. Meditation and yoga have become an integral and important part of my life." -Mike Riedel, Elk Grove

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Are you ready to download the Cal Fit app? When you check in at an Elk Grove yoga class, you'll collect rewards points in addition to the points that you get for checking in to the club. You can also benefit from :

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