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Best Yoga Classes in Folsom

Whether you are just beginning yoga or are a seasoned expert, California Family Fitness offers a variety of yoga classes in Folsom, including yoga classes for kids, prenatal yoga classes, yoga for seniors, and family yoga classes. Try out a yoga class at the Folsom gym location, and find your inner peace.

Folsom CA Yoga Class

Folsom Yoga Class Schedule

Meet a Folsom Yoga Instructor!

Folsom yoga instructor - Lisa Lyon

Lisa Lyon

Relevant education/certification: I have a degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology. My yoga certification is through Yoga Fit. I have been teaching yoga for 12 years and participating for almost 20.

Favorite workout: I love exercise and movement in any form. I love to do all forms of yoga, lift weights, run, bike, swim, backpack, dance. I'm dying to try a pole dance workout.

Favorite food: My favorite food is Mexican and can and often eat it many times a week. Grilled chicken tacos, enchilda's, burritos, nachos! Yummy.

Reason for becoming a yoga instructor: I believe that every human being can gain something from practicing yoga—flexibility, strenghth, balance, personal insight, sense of self and community, acceptance. I believe yoga is a safe place to practice and prepare for all that life offers. I became a yoga instructor to help facilitate all of that.

Best thing about Folsom: Folsom rocks! Our members are all ages, sizes, and fitness levels which keeps every day super interesting.  

Favorite inspirational quote: "What we think, we become." —Buddha

Woman in yoga pose

Benefits of Yoga

  • Reduces stress

  • Improves posture

  • Enhances flexibility

  • Strengthens Core

  • Burns calories
  • Improves breathing & balance

Yoga for All Levels

We offer all levels of yoga, from Gentle to Power Yoga, with Mixed Levels classes that are accessible to all. Though every class works on poses to improve your strength, flexibility and balance--with some relaxation time at the end--each class is a reflection of the instructor's unique training and personality.

Gentle Yoga is an excellent entry point for beginners, with focus on the easier poses. It's the perfect yoga class for seniors, or those recovering from injury.

Power Yoga consists of the more challenging standing and balancing poses. Poses may be held for longer periods, or may be linked with each breath with little rest or transition time in between. This class will burn calories and make you sweat!

Women in yoga class holding a pose
Mother and child doing family yoga class

Family Yoga Classes

Families that play together, relax together. Folsom Family Yoga classes are an exploration of strength, balance, flexibility and fun for the whole family!

Family Yoga is the perfect yoga class for kids, as children ages 3 and up are welcome to attend with an adult. All other Folsom yoga classes are available for ages 12 and up. And since we're one of the few Folsom gyms with childcare, kids who aren't in a Down Dog mood can always enjoy supervised play while you get your Namaste on. 

Many of our instructors will really play up the poses that have names that kids can relate to, like Tree, Down Dog, or Happy Baby...which will hopefully lead to the Napping Child pose.

Pilates/Piloga Classes

Our Pilates classes in Folsom will help you develop a strong core and learn to control your body's movement. Pilates is considered a mind-body workout because of the emphasis on breathing technique, which reduces stress. Quality of movement is valued over number of repetitions, resulting in long, lean muscles.

Another benefit of Folsom Pilates classes is improved flexibility. By balancing flexibility with strength, your body is less likely to experience injury or chronic back pain.

Piloga classes combine many of the core strengthening exercises of Pilates with the classic yoga poses, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. 

Woman in a piloga class

 "I started yoga for the stretching and to work the core more. I was surprised to find out there is quite a bit of strength training involved.  I always work up a sweat.  Since I started yoga I've noticed my balance has significantly improved and I am much more limber.  Lisa Lyon's yogas class has a great flow and I always try to make it a priority in my week." -Bryan G., Folsom

Folsom, CA yoga class schedule

Collect Rewards Points

Have you downloaded the Cal Fit app? When you check in at a Folsom yoga class, you'll collect rewards points in addition to the points that you get for checking into the club. You can also benefit from :

  • Real time updates to favorite classes (holiday schedules, room closures, etc.).
  • Notification by email whenever the schedules change.
  • Direct email communication with class instructors.
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