For your convenience we provide a service to care for and supervise your children during your workout time. We are not a full service child care center or licensed day care facility. In order to make our facility work more efficiently and with safety in mind, the following rules must be followed.

Sign In/Sign Out

Please sign your child in upon arrival and out before leaving. The same person who signs your child in must sign them out. They must also provide the security sticker upon pickup. Once you have dropped off your child, we ask that you do not re-enter the room unless you have been paged. This will help relieve any anxiety they may have. When Child Care hours have ended, please arrive promptly to pick up your child(ren).

Age Limits

Child Care is for children ages 3 months to 4 years. Children ages 0-3 must stay in the Child Care room while children who are age 4 can decide which room they feel more comfortable in. Once they turn 5 they must stay in Kidz Klub until they are 12. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to be on the workout floor. Parents may be asked to prove age.

No Germs, Please

If a child appears ill they will not be admitted into Child Care. You will be asked to provide a doctor’s note for allergies or symptoms that could be mistaken for an illness.

What Can We Bring?

Please label all belongings, diaper bags, and bottles with a permanent marker. No outside food or drinks. Children are not allowed to bring toys from home, including phones or tablets. This a great time to experience unplugged, old-fashioned play time!

Potty Time

Children must be fully dressed at all times, including socks. Staff cannot assist children in the bathroom or with potty training. Parents will be called if a child needs to be changed, fed, given medication, or is crying excessively.

Don't Disappear

There is an hour and a half time limit for the use of the Child Care facility per day. When not in Child Care, children are to be under parent’s constant supervision. Parents must be on the premises at all times while children are in Child Care. Parents must notify staff of their location in the club in the designated spot during the sign-in process.

No Violence Allowed

Children will be sent home for the following: foul and inappropriate language, fighting, inappropriate conduct, or any behavior that can be deemed violent or harmful to others. If a child bites once they will be given a warning and sent home for the day. If a child bites a second time they will be suspended from all CFF Child Care facilities. They are welcome back once they are past the biting phase, but if they exhibit biting behavior when they return they will be suspended for a minimum of six months.

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