Fitness for the Whole Family

Check out the best place for kids’ fitness in Sacramento! Families are what make Cal Fit so special, so we don't like to leave the little ones out. One of our goals is to provide fitness activities that kids will enjoy, getting them started early on a path of healthy habits. So when you come in to work out, your kids won't just be sitting around.

Not every activity described here is offered at every Sacramento gym with childcare. Check the activity schedule below to find out which kids' activities are available at your local gym.

Learn about all of our gym amenities for kids on the main Kids page.

Fitness For The Whole Family
Kids Yoga

Yoga for Kids

Kids who practice yoga or gymnastics will enjoy developing strength, coordination and balance early in life. This is one kids' fitness activity that can continue to pay off throughout their lives, as they start to play sports or turn to yoga for stress relief. 

Several of our Sacramento gyms with yoga offer Family Yoga classes for you and your child to attend together -- check the Yoga Schedule to find one near you!

  • Kids Yoga - a calming, relaxed class setting where your child will learn yoga poses
  • Family Yoga - for kids ages 3 and up to explore with a parent or guardian
  • Gym-tastics - kids love jumping and flipping as they learn basic gymnastic skills

Activities for High Energy Kids

Kids benefit physically and mentally from exercise, just like adults do. The key is to get them engaged in fun activities that they'll look forward to (they don't have to know it's good for them)!

In addition to improved coordination and cooperation, don't be surprised if your kids seem more calm and focused after engaging in high-energy activities like these:

  • Obstacles R US - kids race through age-appropriate courses
  • Kids in Motion - lots of heart-healthy movement for all ages
  • X Games - kids' favorites games, from crab soccer to noodle hockey...with a twist!

Scroll down to the Kids Activity Schedule to find a session at your favorite gym.


Training Activities for Kids

Kids who are already aspiring athletes or budding sports-lovers have a variety of fitness options to get them started on the right path. Early training helps kids learn discipline and teamwork as they build strong, healthy bodies!

Some of our kids' sports and fitness training classes inlcude:

  • Kids Boot Camp - strength building through different games and obstacles
  • All Stars - kids develop athletic skills to play their favorite sports, from soccer to volleyball
  • Xtreme Scene - a pre-teen workout through special activities, games and sports! Kids learn how to engage specific muscle groups each day
  • Fun Run - running games and activities to help your child train for our next Fun Run


Early Fitness Education

Our FirstStep program is offered to 10- 11- year-olds to help them transition to working out on their own. Cal Fit members must be 12 years old to be on the workout floor, and this program prepares them for success.

Kids meet one-on-one with a certified personal trainer to learn:

  • gym etiquette
  • safety
  • proper exercises based on age and body size

Learn more about the FirstStep early fitness education program.


Rock Climbing for Kids

Active mini-members are welcome to join a Cliffhangers class at one of our gyms with indoor climbing walls. Children will be supervised at all times by rock-wall certified staff.

Indoor climbing rules for kids:

  • Must be at least 45 pounds
  • Must wear closed-toed shoes
  • Must have a current waiver on file

Contact the gym of your choice to find out if additional rules apply.

"My kids always feel welcome and have a great time. They get us to go to the gym more often because they want to go play." -Vicky, Citrus Heights