Safe Place to Play in a Sacramento Gym

Regardless of the weather, your kids will have a place to run around and be crazy, thanks to our indoor and outdoor playground areas. In intense summer heat, the equipment is tested by child care providers to make sure it isn't too hot for little hands. Surface areas are sanitized on a regular basis, including walls, fences and doorknobs. Some of our newer Sacramento area health clubs also feature kid-sized basketball courts and iPlay game systems that will keep them entertained and active.

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At some location, the playgrounds are separated so the bigger kids have a playground all to themselves and don't accidentally trample their smaller buddies. An adult is keeping an eye on each area at all times. High metal fences all around keep kids from hatching an escape plan. Indoors, kids over four can enjoy the maze-like play structures and right-sized basketball courts. Some gyms even have a small, rotating rock wall just the right height to get off the ground... but not too far off. 

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Kids Love Rules

Okay, maybe that isn't true, but our playground safety rules are designed to keep kids safe so they can keep having fun. Shoes are not allowed on the indoor play equipment, but are required for the outdoor playscapes. They are also cautioned not to play on wet equipment or bring food or drinks to the area. Kids will be sent home for fighting, biting, or foul language. Minor infractions will be disciplined according to each parent's preference - we work with you to reinforce the rules you have at home.

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Little Kids Playground

Every toddler needs a baby cave, right? This is a space designed just for them. Some of the clubs have jungle gyms made of durable, rounded plastic for safety and comfort. No sharp metal edges here! And sometimes the bigger kids are safe on the other side of the fence where they can't be the big shots on campus. Indoors they might find a small, shallow ball pit along with traditional toys and books appropriate for their age.

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“CalFit has by far the best kids program - exceptional."

-Tom, Citrus Heights


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