California Family Fitness
Official Conest Winners

January 2021 Winners

App Download Giveaway (January 2021)

Dave P. (Third Prize), Richard K.(Second Prize), Sunny B.(First Prize).

March 2021 Winners

Jurassic Quest Giveaway 

Darrell C., Michael A., Tina B., Claire L.

July 2021 Winners

Summer of Fun Giveaway 

          Jeff P.

August 2021 Winners

Fit. Clean. Fun. Giveaway 

          Kenneth R. (Grand Prize), Juhn Z., Analyssa N., Cara A., Kevin P., Leola T., Michael C., Ruby G., Brian M., Troy C., and Adron B.

September 2021 Winners

California Capital Airshow Giveaway 

          Melissa S., Gina R., Elizabeth B., Natalia M., Irene G., Scott D., Timothy L., Shannon D., Khac N., and Emmanuel D.