California Family Fitness
Official Conest Winners

September Winners

Cal Fit Perks Sweepstakes

Cliff W., Maria C., Krista B., Desiree S., Cherry H., Vanessa R., Jacqueline C., Matteen H.


Folsom Glow Run

Priya L.


October Winners

Cal Fit Perks Sweepstakes

Alison G., Lisa H., Brian C., Dave C., Cherry H., Lydia Z., Alex W., Claude H., and John C.


CIM Relay Giveaway

Christopher L.

Run to Feed the Hungry Giveaway

Tajanee F.

November Winners

Cal Fit Perks Sweepstakes

Lindsay E., David V., Lynn L., Roman A., Ahmed J., Tim O., Robert H., Tracy R., Cherry H., Cynthia E., Noah T., Robin A., and Mitsue B

December Winners

Win the Week Challenge

Morgan Blake

January 2020 Winners

Super Sunday Run Giveaway

Juma Mercader

PBR "Unleash the Beast" Giveaway

Ashlee Robinson

Efren Covarrubias