You deserve a reward for your hard work and dedication to staying strong and healthy. Working out has plenty of benefits, but how about a few fun incentives along the way to keep you motivated and help you develop healthy lifelong habits?

Earn points just for coming to the gym! You’ll be rewarded as soon as you check in, and continue earning them for attending our classes, meeting with a trainer, and even by posting on social media!

Redeem your points for merchandise, club services, savings on hotels, and exclusive deals and special offers. You’ll get instant deals on events, attractions, movie tickets, and more, just by registering for Cal Fit Perks.


Convert to ACH Billing +250 
Join Rewards Program +100 
Refer a Friend +500 
Have a Birthday +100 
Complete Feedback Request +75 
10 Workouts in a Month Bonus +10
Check in at Gym +5 
 Attend Personal Training +2
Attend Fitness Class +2 
Spend $1 in a Club +1



16oz Shake -150
10 -Minute Hydromassage -150
Limited Edition T-Shirt -175 
20-Minute Hydromassage -200
1 Parent's Night Out Entry -500 
30% Off Cal Fit Gear -1000
One Hour of Personal Training -1500 
Month of Membership Dues -2400 


Cal Fit Perks: Rewards Program Tips 

Set Up Your Account

  • Once you have created your account, look for the Settings link in the upper right corner of the page. In the profile settings, make sure to enter your birthday so you can get points just for being born!
  • Make sure to set your billing and delivery addresses and keep them up-to-date, as all physical purchases will be shipped to your home.


Link Your Social Media Accounts & Manage Email Settings

  • Go to perkville.com and log-in. 
  • In the Linked Account settings, you can connect your Facebook and Twitter and accounts with the rewards program, and earn points when you post!
  • The email settings are where you can manage how frequently you receive notifications about your points, or unsubscribe. You can also add additional email addresses to merge old Cal Fit accounts into one. Those old points don't have to go to waste!

Check In

  • You can download the Cal Fit app to check in at the gym, or use the kiosk that's available at every gym location.
  • If you're taking a group fitness class, check in for that as well so you can collect the points.
  • If you're attending a personal training session, let the trainer know that you are participating in the rewards program so he or she can credit your points.
  • You can only check in when you are physically at the gym.

Social Media

  • To get points for checking in on Facebook or Twitter, make sure your social media accounts are linked in your rewards program settings.
  • After you have checked in at a gym, you will receive an invitation in your rewards account to Twitter.
  • There may be a delay between the time you check in at the gym and the time your receive the invitation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an existing Cal Fit Rewards member, do I need to make a new account for Perks?
No, you do not need to make a new account.
Your existing Rewards account is synced with Cal Fit Perks. Log in with your current Rewards account info at calfitperks.com

Are my old Rewards points still usable with Cal Fit Perks?
Yes, all of your points earned with the Rewards program carried over to your new Cal Fit Perks account.

I’ve forgotten my password, where do I go to reset it?
If you need to reset your password, go to password.calfitperks.com and enter
your email to receive a link to reset.

 If you need help or have a question, please contact Cal Fit Perks customer service at:
Phone(877) 224-7426 | Monday—Friday | 8:00am—5:00pm