"Just when I would be completely ready to poop out during a session, he would manage to pull that much more out of me. When I was sure I couldn't do something, he was sure I could." Stirring words from California Family Fitness member Rochelle Parson, who is speaking about her Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).

If this is the kind of difference you want to make in someone’s life, then we want to hire you. Cal Fit is always looking for highly-motivated, passionate, customer service-oriented individuals to join our team of Certified Personal Trainers and help us build a healthier, happier, stronger community one family at a time.

Cal Fit recognizes the world's top certifications and works closely with many of them to offer continuing education to our staff, club members, and local community. To apply for a position with a company dedicated to providing fulfilling, exciting, and rewarding opportunities, please click on Careers and complete an application.