California Family Fitness Testimonials

From weight loss to living a better lifestyle, listen and or read why members prefer California Family Fitness.

Minnie Nguyen

While opening several successful restaurants and having two kids, Minnie forgot about her own well-being. She came to California Family Fitness to find her work-life balance.

Working out with her sister continues to show results and gives her someone to push forward with, and she loves using her gym time to catch up, while maintaining her busy lifestyle.

Shaun Campbell

Weakened from his fight with cancer, Shaun says that his first trip back to the gym was discouraging. “I couldn’t lift weights. I felt like I didn’t belong.” He admits that while it wasn’t easy for him to ask for help, he desperately needed motivation and encouragement. Shaun turned to personal trainer Branden Buentipo.

Branden didn’t hesitate. “I’m right there with you,” he told Shaun. “Your journey is going to be my journey, and we’re going to do this together.”

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The Davis Family

Maritza and Roshaun Davis are the co-founders of Unseen Heroes, an events agency based in Sacramento. While providing for their community, they lost focus on their own health and well being. They came to Cal Fit to get back in shape both mentally and physically.  

“We created a new habit for our family, but it was something that we absolutely needed to do for our mind, body and soul. Mentally, we've been able to focus in. Physically we've been able to get stronger.” Maritza says.

"Working out at Cal Fit has opened up a space to provide more for our community because we feel healthy, active, and empowered in a way that we didn't before," Roshaun beams.

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Dawn Cole

“We’re at the age where we either use it or lose it,” said Cole, who overcame Hodgkin’s Lymphoma while training with Dean. “Working out at the gym is an important part of maintaining our fitness level and just our overall health.”

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Maria Romey

“Joining California Family Fitness was one of the best decisions I have made,” she said. “Cal Fit has made it easier for me because it’s where I learned how to weight lift, which has changed my body overall.”                                               

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Chanel Price

“I work out because it makes me feel good, makes me feel energized,” she said. “And it’s one step towards keeping me here for the long haul with my family.”                                                     

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