• 5 players on the court, which includes the goalkeeper
  • Soccer Ball: Weighted size #3 LoBo Soccer Ball will be used for all age groups. It’s a ball
  • designed for little bounce to adapt to the gym floors. NO INDOOR BALLS.
  • All games have (2) 20 Minute Halves.
  • No Offsides.
  • There are out-of-bounds on the sidelines and end lines, no using the walls.
  • The Referee’s will use a 3 card System (Blue, Yellow, Red).
  • All Restart “Kick-Ins” will be INDIRECT.
  • Coed Rules still apply in Coed Futsal (ie. “Live” Rule, 2 pts = Female Goal, 1 pt = Male Goal, etc.)

Restart for Sidelines out-of-bounds:

  • The ball will be placed on the sideline where it went out-of-bounds and put back in play with a
  • kick, not a throw-in.
  • Defense player must allow 10 feet from restart kick.
  • The ball must come to a complete stop before striking.
  • The entry pass is indirect.

Restart for End lines out-of-bounds – offensive:

  • A corner kick will be played when the ball goes over the end lines; normal soccer rules apply.
  • Defense player must allow 10 feet from corner kick.

Restart for End lines out-of-bounds – defensive:

  • Throw in will be taken in place of goal kick.
  • Ball must touch something prior to crossing half court.
  • Keeper may not kick ball after releasing it until another player has played it (no drop-kicks).

Player Equipment:

  • Indoor flats, no black bottom sole shoes.
  • Players will not be allowed to wear any jewelry.
  • Shin guards MUST be worn.
  • The referee shall be the judge of improper equipment.


  • Substitutions will be made on the fly.
  • Players coming off the court must be completely across the sideline before the substitution player
  • can enter the game.
  • Goalkeeper substitutions can only be made when the ball is out of play.

Duration of play:

  • All games will have (2) 20 minute halves.
  • There will be a 2-minute half-time interval.
  • Matches may be shortened at the discretion of the referee.

Start of games:

  • Games will begin on scheduled time whether both teams are ready or not!
  • Games will not be allowed to run over the scheduled time.

Overtime / Shootouts

  • Games that are tied and require Overtime (Playoff or Finals only) will play 5 minute periods.
  • All Shootouts will be taken from the half way line (“MLS Style” 5 Sec. to Score – No rebounds).
  • IF Still tied after Overtime Period, the game will be decided via Shootouts (3 players each team).