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  • Only one person per team needs to register.
  • Coaches or team parents, please login to DaySmart Recreation
  • Click on the "Drop-in Events" Tab on the left side of the home screen
  • Select the day you wish to play
  • Click on "Youth Soccer"
  • Add to cart
  • Fill out the form (provide skill level and team name)
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Official Rules

View Online Indoor Soccer Rules | Download Official Indoor Soccer Rules (PDF)

Tie-Breaker and Playoff Seeding Rules

Soccer Tie-Breaker System:
Once the regular season is complete, placing is determined with the following tie-breaking system:

• Points

• Head to Head results

• Goals against (G.A.) Head to Head

• Goals for (G.F.) Head to Head

• Goals against (G.A.) total

• Goals for (G.F.) total

*Seeding during the playoffs are based on results from the regular season only. **Although the regular season winner of each group advances to the next highest group the following session, California Family Fitness reserves the right to "seed" teams if "foul play" such as "throwing games" is suspected


Sudden Cardiac Arrest Fact Sheet | Concussion Fact Sheet for Athletes 14-18 | Concussion Information Sheet

Youth Soccer Play Dates in Rocklin

Substitute a competitive practice for up to three scrimmages against different teams for reps in a live fast paced environment against other teams trying to get ready for tournament play. We host multiple types of play dates utilizing our brand new soccer turf fields and futsal on our NCAA sized basketball court. This will take place in a two hour block playing in three 20-minute games while utilizing the breaks in between to discuss what you need to work on in the next game.

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How do Play Dates work?

Depending on the number of teams signed up, we will have a series of scrimmages capping out at four teams per group to ensure all teams get equal number of games. No matter the amount of teams you will be able to utilize the entire block of time for the best possible practice time.


Where will team play each other?

We broke it down where girl’s teams will utilize the futsal one week while boy’s teams will be on the soccer fields. The following week with flip flop and the boy’s with play futsal and the girl’s teams will play on the soccer fields.


Skill Levels:

We have paired the grouping to different days of the week. Bronze and Silver level teams will be able to sign up in a group. While Gold and Platinum level teams will be in paired in another grouping.

With our playdates, you can substitute a practice for three scrimmages against different teams to help practice in a live fast paced environment against other teams trying to get ready for tournament play.

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*It is at the Parent's/Coach's discretion when allowing players to play "up" in an older age group.