Volleyball League Rules:


The objective of the California Family Fitness Adult Volleyball League is to promote and conduct a positive activity which encourages sportsmanship, fitness, and a healthy competition in an atmosphere of fun and fellowship in the form of an organized Volleyball League.


  1. Before the start of each game team captains will be required to fill out their team roster with each player’s first and last name, along with the individual’s jersey number.
  • For 4v4 Coed- The teams will consist of a maximum of 4 persons (2 males and 2 females) to a minimum of 2 people. 3 females to 1 male if absolutely necessary. In this case, a woman must be designated in the “male” spot and stay in that role the entire game.
  • For 6v6 Coed-The teams will consist of a maximum of 6 players (3 men and 3 women) to a minimum of 3 players. You can have more women than men playing on the court but there is maximum 3 men players.
  1. A match will be three (3) games to 25 points, with rally scoring being used.
  •  A game shall be won by the team which has scored 25 points and is at least two (2) points ahead, with a game maximum of 27 points. Thus, if score is tied 26 all, the next team to score a point wins.
  • If the first two games of the match last 40 minutes or more, the third game will be up to 15 points with rally scoring being used.
  • There will be a 17 point cap. Both teams will be notified before the start of the third game.
  • The serving team will be determined by a coin toss. The winner having the choice to serve or choose sides.
  •  Warm up period- Teams are allowed a 5 minute warm up period between games. This excludes the first game of the night.
  •  Half time is thirty (30) seconds
  1. There will be no time outs for substitutions, except in the case for injury.
  •  Substitutions can rotate into the back row on every side out, but you must keep this pattern the same the entire game
  1. Loud, out of control, foul language and obscene gestures will result in a red card. Please remember that this is a “Family Fitness” center, and to carry yourself in a professional manner for the children who watch you play.

Team Rosters:

  1. All rosters with waiver forms must be turned in before your 1st game. Managers are responsible for all players on the team.
  2. Rosters are due by the 3rd week of the league
  3. Payments are also to be made by the 3rd week of the session
  • If payments are not in by the 3rd week there will be a late fee
  1. 4v4- No more than eight (8) players are allowed on the roster

6v6- No more than twelve(12) players are allowed on the roster

  1. Players are only allowed to play on one (1) team per league
  2. Players from the same league may substitute for a team in their same league only if the opposing manager approves prior to the start of the game
  3. Players must play in at least 50% of the games to be eligible for playoff week.


  1. The decisions of The Official regarding facts connected with play and interpretation of the Rules are final. The Official may change any decision prior to a restart.
  2. Officials shall have the authority to banish players, managers, and or spectators from the game, the player’s bench and the gym for any misconduct.
  3. Officials will submit a report to the league coordinator within 24 hours after any game in which a protest is filed or when it has become necessary to banish players from the game. Any player who continues to direct remarks toward the officials or opposing players after being banished from the game shall be automatically suspended from further play in the league. This includes players who abuse the game or league officials after the game is completed. All decisions regarding protest and suspension lengths will be made final will be made final by the Volleyball Coordinator/ and or sports director.
  4. California Family Fitness management would like to re-affirm that the officials appointed to officiate each game have complete authority and that their decisions with the game are final. Officiating will be monitored and assessed periodically to provide for quality officiating constructive comments or suggestions regarding the officials are welcomed and encouraged. Please submit any comments in writing. Complaints regarding officials should be submitted in writing and contain points of facts. Do not discuss officiating with the officials or the facility staff during or immediately after the game.


  1. Each game will start on time
  2. Forfeit time is 5 minutes after the game time for the first game.
  • 4v4- If you don’t have all 4 of your players you can have a minimum of 2. If you don’t have 2 players that is consider a forfeit. (must have at least one female on the court)
  • 6v6- If you don’t have all 6 of your players you can have a minimum of 3 players otherwise that is consider a forfeit.. ( must have at least 2 females)
  1. No games will be rescheduled that are missed.
  2. Any team that forfeits more than one game will not qualify for the playoffs.
  3. Any team with two (2)forfeits will be disqualified from the league, without a refund.
  4. Team managers must contact the Volleyball Coordinator or Sports Director at least 24 hours prior to game time of any forfeit for eligibility to any exceptions to the rules explained above
  5. For other reasons to forfeit:
  • Use of ineligible player
  • Un-sportsman like conduct
  • Team receiving three(3) or more red cards in a game

Player Ejections

  1. Any player that is ejected by official/staff must leave the facility immediately.
  2. All ejections have a minimum suspension of one (1) game and will fall to the decision of the Volleyball Coordinator/ and or Sports Director to determine the suspension length, or potential fine.
  3. Players that are ejected twice (2) in the same season will be suspended automatically for the rest of the season and will fall subject to a fine prior to the start of the next session( If allowed to participate at all)
  4. Any team receiving three (3) ejections in a game will automatically forfeit the game. If this happens twice(2) in a session the team will be disqualified from further league play. No refunds will be given to any team that violates this rule.


  1. Championship T-shirts will be given to all players who are on your roster and played at least one (1) game. Championship t-shirt order forms will be distributed following the final.