U12, U14, U16, U19 (PREMIER)

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We charge $705 for Youth Soccer teams. When registering, Team Managers must create a account in our league management platform, "Dash." Dash can be accessed via this link.Team Managers can establish a "Dash Account" prior to this date (hint: this will save time in the registration process). A $250 (refundable) deposit will be required during registration (credit cards only). Teams that register after this day/time risk not being considered for the November session.

• Team Name

• Age Group (You will also be asked the average birth year of your players)

• Gender

• Skill level (rec., low comp, and high comp)

• Team Manger's Name and contact information

• Team Color

• Day(s) you team wants to be considered to play*

*Please note that girls usually play on Saturdays, while boys usually play on Sundays. The groups that will play in the weekday leagues will be decided based on the demand that registered teams are requesting. Weekday groups will not be determined until AFTER registration is closed. Teams will NOT be considered for any day(s) that they do not list while registering a team. Week day groups generally play games at 4pm, 4:45pm or 5:30pm.



• Sign in on our League Management Platform (Dash). You can sign in/create an account via this link. (Please note that Dash responds best if opened in the search engine, Google Chrome).

• Once you are signed in/created an account, click on "Registration."

• Team Managers will then click on your name

• Click on "Youth Soccer"

• Since you are trying to register a team, click on "Create A Team"

• At this point, click on the League (Gender/Age Group/Skill Level), that you are interested in getting a team in



Team mangers can start to invite players to join their team by clinking the "invite" button and inputting the email address of the player's parent. The parent will then be promoted to create a Dash account and add their child to it. If you are having a difficult time doing this, please read the information on how invite players via this link.

Register on-line during the open registration period. Due to limited space, not all teams that register get accepted into the league. Once registered, teams will be listed as "Pending." Teams will generally be notified of their status within 1 week after registration closes. Once is team is accepted into the league, their status will be changed to "Approved." Teams that participated in the November 2019 Session have priority over teams that did not.

Official Rules

View Official Indoor Soccer Rules Online | Download Official Indoor Soccer Rules (PDF)

Tie-Breaker and Playoff Seeding Rules

Soccer Tie-Breaker System:
Once the regular season is complete, placing is determined with the following tie-breaking system:

• Points

• Head to Head results

• Goals against (G.A.) Head to Head

• Goals for (G.F.) Head to Head

• Goals against (G.A.) total

• Goals for (G.F.) total


Sudden Cardiac Arrest Fact Sheet | Concussion Fact Sheet for Athletes 14-18 | Concussion Information Sheet


*Seeding during the playoffs are based on results from the regular season only. **Although the regular season winner of each group advances to the next highest group the following session, California Family Fitness reserves the right to "seed" teams if "foul play" such as "throwing games" is suspected



Girls Soccer Leagues and Teams in Rocklin

Welcome to Girls Soccer at the California Family Fitness Rocklin Sports Complex. These leagues help empower girls to grow their soccer skills, enjoy a supportive athletic community, and have fun. This page holds the schedules, standings, and other details for our Girls U12, U16, and U19 Soccer leagues and teams. We offer girls soccer teams for players ages 8-19, and we are continually expanding our offerings to accommodate as many aspiring soccer plays as possible. Check out our Youth Soccer Page for more information about our leagues. You can also visit our Girls Soccer U8-U10 page if you are looking for our younger Girls Soccer schedules and standings.

Here at the Cal Fit Rocklin Sports Complex, we are proud to provide a wide variety of soccer offerings to accommodate all players. This includes Adult Soccer, Women's Adult Soccer, Men's Adult Soccer, Adult Coed Soccer, Boys and Girls Youth Soccer, and more. We also offer field rentals and soccer clinics led by our experienced soccer professionals. Whether you are preparing for a tryout, working to improve your performance, or simply want additional soccer skill-building opportunities, our clinics are here for you. We look forward to welcoming you to the Girls Soccer community here at the California Family Fitness Rocklin Sports Complex.