Cardio Classes

Torch calories and improve your endurance in our cardio classes! Get ready to sweat and feel unstoppable.

Below are the Cardio classes we offer. Check your club's studio schedule for times.


This combo style class mixes up power, spin, step, sports, running, walking, kickboxing, strength moves, and relaxation. Designed to challenge all your aquatic exercise skills in shallow or deep water.

Performance Swim Training

Join our swim coach for master style swim workouts. You will be coached on swim technique, style and will be given pace appropriate challenges.


This popular training program comes to life as our instructors teach you how to punch, kick, and block your way through a fun and challenging cardiovascular workout!


Let our instructors take you on a cardiovascular journey! Pedal through flat roads, hills and valleys as you take your aerobic training to a new, fat-burning level!

Rhythmic Cycle

A high intensity cycle class that focuses on riding to the beat of the music with upper body movements that feel like a dance party on the bike while giving you a full body work out.

Simply Step

This is a great place to start if you are new to step, just coming back, or want to keep working on your skills.


Use the step platform to keep your mind busy and your heart pumping. These classes have beginning to intermediate intensity and choreography.

Step Party

Step reimagined! A high energy step class that incorporates great choreography and great music which spells out PARTY! This class is for all levels. Join the party now!

Expert Step

This is the class for you if you love the step platform, choreography and the challenge of dance based movements. Faster transitions, more movements and higher intensity will make the time fly by as you sweat to the music!

Sit and Fit

Exercising at any age can make you stronger and fitter. You don't need fancy equipment, either & just pull up a chair!

Young at Heart

From the music to the moves, this is an aerobics class that's designed just for mature adults. You'll get cardiovascular fitness, muscle conditioning, and flexibility work.