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Working out with one of our Certified Personal Trainers in Sacramento not only ensures you stay motivated to reach your goals, but empowers you to make a lifestyle change.  Our trainers are excited to work with members at any stage of their fitness journey. Whether you are new to the gym, recovering from injury, or want to take your competition to the next level, we have a trainer who’s ready to cheer you along the way.  Cal Fit trainers want to be part of your success story! If you are looking for a personal trainer near you, check out one of our 20 locations. At California Family Fitness we only hire the best of the best of personal trainers in Sacramento, sign up for a free session today!


Adam Pilkenton

A trainer at our Folsom club, Fitness has been Adam’s passion for the past 25 years.  He’s been a personal trainer for 20 of those years, and still loves everything about his job—including being able to wear gym clothes to work.  He also enjoys the opportunity to have a dramatic positive effect in the health and well-being of the people he trains.


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Alisha Molina

"I love the relationships I have with my clients, and being able to celebrate all of the little victories as well as the big ones too," says 31 year old Alisha, a trainer at our Orangevale club.  "I want to motivate and encourage them to see and live out the best version of themselves."  She likes to remind them that healthy looks different on every body.


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Brandon Buentipo

Branden overcame childhood adversity and low self-esteem to become one of Cal Fit's top trainers.  Working at our Elk Grove club, 27 year old Branden’s favorite post-workout snack is sushi.  He outlines his training philosophy, saying, “To me, personal training is so much deeper than just a good workout. It’s about creating a bond where both parties can benefit and grow on multiple levels.”


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Chris Foppiano 

Chris works with members at our Rocklin club, and he loves working out and helping other people reach their health and fitness goals.  28 year old Chris grew up with a love of the outdoors, and especially enjoys camping. His personal motivation for staying healthy is his love of a good challenge.  "If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you," he says.


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Christopher THUMB-1

Christopher Chilton

What led Christopher, age 37, to a career as a personal trainer at our Midtown club?  It was seeing his dad's health decline.  Christopher tells us, "I hoped I could use fitness to motivate others to live a better, healthier lifestyle."  And being healthy himself is something that he strives for.  His motivation is, "Looking good, feeling great, and being here for my family."


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Elizabeth Maes

Midtown trainer Elizabeth Maes started out as one of our group fitness instructors.  “I wanted to expand my role to help individuals become healthier,” the 55 year old explains.  Along with camping, drumming, and painting, Elizabeth enjoys helping people make better choices for their overall health.


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Debbie Barry

Debbie, a trainer at Rocklin, discovered her passion for fitness later in life. "After trying unsuccessfully for 15 years to lose weight, I lost 53 pounds, and I have kept it off for 19 years," she explains. With an additional 27 fitness certifications to complement her personal training credentials, she's always excited to share new techniques with her clients. "Our bodies are amazing and complex, and I love the challenge of helping people!"


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Jonathan Mead

“I don’t remember the last time I had a ‘bad day’ at work,” smiles 21 year old Jonathan Mead, who loves having the opportunity to change lives as he helps clients achieve their goals.  “I want to show clients how to get as strong as possible, because that’s how we see a lot of health problems decrease.”  A trainer at Orangevale, Jonathan’s hobbies include videography, strongman competitions, and powerlifting.


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Justin Carley

“It’s the journey, not the destination,” reflects Orangevale trainer, Justin.  A self-proclaimed bookworm, this 29 year old also enjoys swimming, hiking, and trying new food and drinks.  He really enjoys the relationships he builds with clients, and supporting them through both failures and successes as they work towards their fitness destination.


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Kelle Santin

When working with our members at our Orangevale club, 50 year old Kelle explains that she loves seeing, “The small changes in my clients that even they don't see. It's not just about looking good but feeling good, living a life of purpose, and being able to do the things you want--such as travel, hiking, or just walking the dog."


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Larry Wooten

29 Year old Larry comes from Colfax, California. An injury forced Larry to learn more about how his body worked.  This was such a powerful recovery tool that he was motivated to share his knowledge with others as a personal trainer at our Arden club.


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Lauri Tachera 

The thing Lauri enjoys most about being a personal trainer?  “Inspiring people to fall in love with a healthy lifestyle,” this 53 year old tells us.  Training members at our Elk Grove club, Lauri says her motivation for staying fit is her desire to live a long, healthy, productive life.  Along with exercise, she enjoys reading and jigsaw puzzles.


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Martina Villasenor

Martina is a personal trainer at our Carmichael club. Hailing from Hayward, CA, Martina says that she decided to become a trainer "to make an impact on the community by not only educating individuals on how to exercise in the gym, but how to create and maintain healthy habits for life.


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Mike Mascio

Folsom and Midtown trainer Michael's original career was as a biomedical engineer.  Watching what the patients went through that needed the products he designed, Michael became passionate about something. "I wanted to be on the front line of prevention," he decided.  If you are looking for a trainer to help you improve your overall health and slow the effects of aging, Michael may be a perfect fit for you.


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Nathaniel Bragg

“I love being able to be physically active enough to experience the extremes that nature has to offer,” says 24 year old Howe trainer, Nathaniel Bragg.  Learning how to work with his own injuries inspired him to become a personal trainer, and he enjoys seeing his clients’ growing confidence each time they come to the gym.


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Nichole Ball

Nichole works with members at our Pocket club, and after a good sweat session this 27 year-old’s favorite post-workout snack is a chocolate protein shake with banana and peanut butter. Nichole's training philosophy?  "Forward is forward, no matter your speed," she says.  She believes that small changes over time are the way to make long-term progress. 


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Nicole Leu

24 year old trainer at our Rocklin club, enjoys hiking, kayaking, and traveling in her spare time.  “Big goals are met by accomplishing small goals,” she says, explaining her philosophy that limitations shouldn’t stop you from reaching your fitness goals.


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Richard "Ed" Norton

Richard—or Big Ed, as we like to call him—says his life was transformed when he began working out with a trainer.  "The results were beyond what I could have hoped. I decided that it was my turn to give, to pay it forward, to help someone the way I was helped,” he says, explaining why he decided to become a personal trainer at our Folsom club.


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Santos Lara

Santos is a 34 year old trainer at our Laguna location.  His fitness journey began during his college years, when Santos admits to gaining, “More than the ‘freshman fifteen’.”  Realizing that lifestyle wasn’t the way he wanted to spend his 20’s, Santos started to be more active and eat healthier.  He tries to set an example of how commitment can help someone to accomplish a big lifestyle change.


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Taylor Brossard

A hometown girl, Taylor is 23 years old, trains at our Sunrise club, and takes advantage of Sacramento's gorgeous weather and plentiful trails in her free time.  “Every client is different and I enjoy making an impact on people's lives," she explained. "My goal as a personal trainer is to teach people how to get and remain healthy for the rest of their lives."


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