Get Real Results from Personal Training

Working out with one of our Certified Personal Trainers not only ensures you stay motivated to reach your goals, but empowers you to make a lifestyle change. No matter what your fitness level is we have a program for you. Whether you’re striving to place in athletic competitions or showing your kid you still got it, our programs work. We have seen real results from people just like you.

Your Story Can Begin Today

Studies show that with the guidance of a professional personal trainer, you are far more likely to enjoy lasting success with things like:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Mental Health
  • Athletic performance
  • Lower blood pressure & cholesterol
  • Diabetes prevention or control
  • Better posture/less back pain
  • Easier breathing!

The Safest Way to Work Out

Working out with a professional personal trainer ensures you are far less likely to injure yourself. Your personal trainer will guide you safely through:

  • Warming up sufficiently to prepare your muscles
  • Proper use of equipment to maximize your workout
  • Correct exercise form to make sure every workout is efficient and effective
  • Customized program design tailored to your needs
  • Cool down and stretches to improve your performance in and outside of the gym
  • Your trainer can also assist you with nutritional guidance and safe diet tips

The Most Affordable Way To Train

Your first session is complimentary. Your trainer will design a program specifically for you. Click below to redeem your complementary personal training session and start your training plan.

Other Cal Fit Training Options

Semi-Private Training (2 people)

Semi-private personal training means that you and one friend can benefit from the expertise of a certified personal trainer at a lower cost than one-on-one personal training, guiding you both through a program designed to maximize each of your individual results. When you sign up for semi-private personal training sessions, you can each expect to pay as low as $50 for a 50 minute session.

Small Group Training (4-6 people)

A certified personal trainer leads each session in groups of 3-6 people, allowing each member to receive more personal attention than they'd get at most fitness boot camps or group fitness classes. Exercises are designed to maximize each of your individual results and the rest of your group will be an additional support system to help you stay on track! The average price of small group training sessions is $11 per person for each 50 minute session.

Team Training (Body Fit - 4 or more people)

Body Fit is the perfect combination of trainer-led workouts with the motivation of teamwork. You’ll love the personal attention from coaches and the inspiration and support from the group while you achieve your fitness goals. Each class is 45 minutes. Body Fit is included in the Preferred Plus package and is available as an add-on to your membership.

InBody Composition Scan

In just 15 seconds, an InBody test results sheet will show your body fat, muscle, and body water for a better understanding of your weight and health. Taking an InBody test every 2 to 4 weeks will help guide you to more effective weight loss, continuously monitoring your progress while maintaining muscle mass.

Available for both Cal Fit members and non-members

  • InBody tests at Cal Fit cost just $20
  • Available at the Folsom, Elk Grove (both clubs), Natomas, and Rocklin clubs.
  • As a Cal Fit member, your first scan is complimentary! Schedule your InBody scan today.