How Much Does Personal Training Cost at Cal Fit?

personal training sacramento rates

Up to 35% less than the industry average.

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As low as $65 per hour for one-on-one sessions.

sacramento personal training cost

As low as $10.53 for group training.

How Much is a Personal Trainer if I’m Not a Member?

If you’d like to begin personal training at California Family Fitness, first you’ll need to become a member. California Family Fitness is the gym of choice for people who want to work out in a clean, family-friendly neighborhood club.


How Much is a Personal Trainer for Members?

The cost of personal training is an investment that pays you back in good health. How much would you be willing to spend to live a longer life? If you're already a member of the Cal Fit family, you can begin training for less than you think—get a deal for such health benefits as weight loss, strength gain, disease prevention, reduced stress, and more energy! 



Why Join Cal Fit?

Membership with California Family Fitness gives you access to the best fitness center amenities in the greater Sacramento area. Depending on gym location, you can enjoy the following:

Convenient locations. With 19 clubs, you're sure to find one close to your home, work or school. 

Resort-like pool areas. Many of the locations have indoor and/or outdoor pools complete with hot tub and sauna. There are spray gardens for the kids, and the Rocklin club even offers pool-side food service!

Certified Child Care. Our gyms include child care facilities that are staffed with trained professionals who adhere to rigorous health and safety standards. We have age-appropriate playgrounds, toys, arts and crafts projects, and plenty of fun activities that will keep them wanting to come back again and again!

Great selection of fitness classes. If you're into yoga, pilates, cycling, Zumba, water aerobics, or almost any other type of group fitness, chances are you'll find a class that fits your schedule and fitness needs. You can easily find updated classes and locations via our mobile app.

Rock climbing walls. Nine of our gyms are equipped with rock climbing walls for kids and adults.

We invite you to accept one of these special offers, or call 1-877-JOIN-CFF to start a conversation with a California Family Fitness representative today.