Progressive Swim Training

If you want to get in shape for life and make swimming part of your regular workout or train for an upcoming competitive open water swim or triathlon, our Sacramento Cal Fit Active Swim Coaches will make it happen. We will customize your workout both in the water and out, whether you’re with our swimming trainers or training on your own. Your small group sessions will include in-club cardio and strength training, individualized pool workouts, and outside dry-land training. We will challenge your abilities, get you mentally prepared and properly fueled for an event, or simply improve your stroke technique and efficiency, taking your workouts to the next level!

Pre-Competitive/Competitive Swim Training

The typical swim team experience provides participants with the ability to develop competitively but does not offer the individual stroke technique instruction that is essential in gaining the "competitive edge." Our Cal Fit Active Swim Coaches are experts at evaluating stroke deficiencies and will customize a program tailored to the individual swimmer’s needs to reach the next level.

Private sessions: 12-18 year olds or adults who need water training for a triathlon or open water event.

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