Win The Week Challenge

Registration for 2019 Win the Week Challenge has ended.  Participants can still refer to the information and FAQs below.  

Updated information for those participating in the challenge with California Family Fitness club access:

Double Perks Points.  You’ll earn these for gym check-ins (once daily) and group fitness classes (unlimited).  You will receive the typical number of points for each check-in.  Bonus points (the doubled amount) will be tallied separately and added to your Perks account 7-10 business days after the challenge ends.  Perks Points can be redeemed for a variety of prizes, including fitness gear, gift cards, vacations, and more.  If you don’t have one already, you can set up your Perks account here.  Note:  please use the same email you used for your Cal Fit membership.

  • To earn your Perks points, make sure you check in with your barcode at the front desk and Group Fitness kiosks.

Weekly passes for HydroMassage and Madison Avenue Radiant Yoga Studio.  Your passes are for a free 10 minute HydroMassage and 7 free radiant yoga classes.  Hydromassages will be loaded onto your Cal Fit account, and you’ll be able to use them once weekly throughout the challenge. You are always welcome to purchase additional massage time or class packages.  We recommend calling the club to reserve your massage time, and checking on radiant yoga schedules here.  Find out what to expect at your first radiant yoga class here.

You will receive a code for use at our radiant yoga studio in your challenge welcome email. 

Follow these steps to use your code to get 7 free classes at Madison Avenue Radiant Yoga Studio.

  1. Click HERE and go to the online store.
  2. If you do not already have a Mind Body account, create one and log-in.
  3. Click on the "Online Store" tab
  4. Choose the 7 sessions for $70 Pass option, then hit next.
  5. On the next screen, use the “add promocode” option, and enter the promo code you received in your welcome email, then click “apply”
  6. You will see your total updated to $0, check out and place your order to redeem your 7 class passes.

Will this be the first time you’ve visited a California Family Fitness club location?  Find out what to expect your first day at the gym here

If you will be using a guest membership during the 7 week challenge, your guest membership begins on Monday, November 4th.  To ensure you receive the best service, your first check-in must be between 9 AM-9 PM Monday-Friday.  Please bring your photo ID, and be prepared to have your picture taken.  If you have children under age 12 that will be enjoying our Kidz Klubs during your workouts, email us at with their names and birthdates to have them added to your account.  More information about Cal Fit’s childcare is here.

If you have other questions about Win the Week Challenge, many of those can be answered by reading below.  If not, email us at

All About Win The Week 

It doesn't take a new year to be a new you--waiting until January to build better habits is soooo last year!  Instead, believe and achieve your success NOW.  Our Win the Week Challenge is designed to help you be successful one week at a time.  

California Family Fitness is excited to announce a 7-week goal smashing event: Win the Week Challenge. Knowing you might have a few questions about the challenge, we're here to answer those. First, we'll provide some quick answers and then go into more detail, so buckle up!

Quick Answers:

  • Win the Week Challenge is for ANYONE who wants to power towards the end of the year with a goal-oriented focus: Cal Fit members, non-members, and even people outside the Sacramento area. (Pricing below).
  • Win the Week Challenge is a positive, uplifting opportunity to build better habits and progress towards being your best self.  It is not a boot camp or a weight loss competition.
  • The challenge lasts for 7 weeks, from November 4 - December 22.  That's long enough to establish and maintain healthy habits to be your best self!
    Week 1: It’s About You - Learn self-care tools and apply them
    Week 2: It’s Doable - Define your “why” and focus on it
    Week 3: It’s Imperative - Connect with other goal getters!
    Week 4: It Ain’t Easy - Tips to overcome resistance
    Week 5: It’s on You -  Tools to create balance in your life
    Week 6: It’s a Life Changer - Reflection on what has changed in 5 weeks
    Week 7: It's a Habit Now - Using your habits to create actions
  • All participants will have the chance to win exciting prizes throughout the challenge, for extra motivation.
  • At the end of the challenge, participants with Cal Fit club access will be entered to win a full year of FREE Cal Fit membership, plus spots on local billboards as Cal Fit ambassadors!
  • Registration for the Win the Week Challenge is from October 14-30th.


Q: Who can join the Win the Week Challenge?

A:  Anyone!  The challenge is open to both Cal Fit members and non-members.  Non-members will receive a guest pass to access Cal Fit gyms for the duration of the 7 week challenge, with no obligation to become a Cal Fit member during or after the challenge.  Non-members who live outside the Sacramento area can join the challenge for support and motivation without gym access.  (See pricing below).

Q. What will I get when I join the Win the Week Challenge?

A:  Some pretty great incentives to keep you motivated (and active) throughout the 7 week challenge.  These include:

  • DOUBLE Cal Fit Perks Points for gym check-ins (once per day) and group fitness classes (unlimited) during the challenge.  Perks Points can be redeemed for a variety of prizes, including fitness gear, gift cards, vacations, and more.
  • Weekly 10 min Hydromassages
  • Weekly class passes to Madison Avenue Radiant Yoga Studio
  • Access to a private Facebook Group with weekly leader-boards, daily affirmations, recipes, support, and more!
  • Weekly motivational videos by Kevin Bracy, with tips to help you stay on track
  • Option to receive a Gratitude Journal or Win the Week Participant T-shirt
  • Special discounts to workshops led by Kevin Bracy
  • A chance to be featured on a Cal Fit billboard in the Sacramento area (club access participants only)
  • A chance to win 1 year of FREE Cal Fit membership (club access participants only)

Q.  How much does the Win the Week Challenge cost?

A:  We've kept costs low so that it will be easy to participate!  Look at the chart below to see prices and what those price packages include for Cal Fit members, non-members who would like club access, and non-members who don't want club access.


Members  $25

Non-member with club access   $65

Non-member without club access $25
Gym Access x x  
Double Perks Points x x  
Weekly HydroMassage x x  
Weekly passes to Madison Radiant x x  
Access to FB Group x x


Kevin Bracy's weekly videos x x


Gratitude Journal or T-shirt  x x x
Special workshop discounts x x x
A chance to be on a Cal Fit billboard x


A chance to win FREE membership x x  

Q: What does the "challenge" entail?  Will I have to be part of a competition?

A: You'll be challenging yourself to finish the year strong!  No feats of strength or public performances required.  Instead, you'll be encouraged to set your own goals--in or outside of the gym--and work towards them for the duration of the challenge. This is all about being your best self and winning the week!  

We'll provide motivation and support through weekly videos and daily Facebook Group activity. Each Monday, you'll receive an email, with Kevin Bracy giving you your focus area for that week via video.  During the week you can access the private Facebook Group for daily affirmation, support, community, and extra incentives.  

We strongly encourage you to participate in the Win the Week Facebook Group for accountability, as well.  Facebook Group members will have the chance to win weekly incentives.

Q.  How do I win the challenge?  (I'm really into winning!)

A: For those who are driven by competition, we will be tallying bonus Perks Points to determine an overall winner of the Win the Week Challenge.  The overall challenge winner will receive a FREE Cal Fit 12 month membership. Challenge bonus Perks points can be earned by checking into a Cal Fit location and taking group fitness classes at Cal Fit and Madison Avenue Radiant Yoga Studio.  Whether or not you earn the most Perks Points, we hope you'll celebrate your own accomplishments along the way as you progress towards personal goals.

Q:  When does the Win the Week Challenge take place?

A: The challenge begins Monday, November 4th and goes until Sunday, December 22nd.

Q: How will I get my journal and/or t-shirt?

A: These will be shipped directly to you.

Q: Do I have to go to the gym to participate in Win the Week?

A: No.  How you participate is up to you, but we're here to help you discover just how fun fitness can be by doubling the Cal Fit Perks Points for each visit to the gym and Cal Fit group fitness classes during the challenge.  Participants who earn Perks Points through gym and class attendance will be eligible to be the overall winner of the Win the Week Challenge. 

Q: Does my non-member guest access include childcare?

A: YES!  Your children will be able to enjoy Cal Fit's quality childcare options while you make use of our equipment, classes, and other amenities.

Q: How do I register to participate in the Win the Week Challenge?

A:  Registration is open from Monday, October 14th until Wednesday, October 30th.  Fair warning:  if you snooze you lose on this opportunity.  Please make sure to register before the end of day on October 30th so that you won't miss out on all the fun!  Watch your email and our social media channels for registration reminders.

Q:  What do I need to be able to participate in Win the Week?

A:  Not much!  Registration is required for participation. To fully enjoy the motivation and support of weekly videos and the private Facebook group, you will need computer access, an email address, and a Facebook account.  (No Facebook account?  Click here to learn how to get one.)  If you want access to the private Facebook Win the Week Challenge Group, you will provide your Facebook profile information when you register. 

Since information about the challenge and motivational videos will be provided via email, please make sure to update your Cal Fit email preferences, particularly if you've opted out from our emails in the past.  You can update your preferences here

Q: I'm not a Cal Fit member, but I would like club access.  How does that work?

A: You'll receive a 7 week guest pass to use during the challenge.  Your guest pass will be entered into our system and available for use from November 4 - December 22.  To ensure you receive the best service possible, your first visit as a guest must be during the hours of 9 AM - 9 PM, when a club manager is available to assist you. Bring your drivers' license with you for proof of identity, and be prepared to sign a waiver and have your picture taken.  If you have children that will be enjoying our Kidz Klub area, this is the best time to get them entered into our system, too.

Q: Are there any age limits for participation?

A: Win the Week Challenge is open to ages 18 and above.  

Q: What if I want both a Win the Week t-shirt and a Gratitude Journal?

A:  Good news!  You can have both! One is included in the price of your registration.  During registration, you have the option to purchase the other one for just $10.  Remember, these items will be shipped directly to you.

Q: Who is Kevin Bracy?  And how can he help me?

A: We're delighted to introduce you to Kevin Bracy.  Kevin is a Sacramento native and one of our members' favorite group fitness instructors.  But more than that, he's a nationally recognized motivational entertainer.  He's also an executive producer, speaking coach, and the author of Scared Great: How to Steer Your Fear Towards Greatness, as well as two youth books, The Top 10 Tips for Teen Success and Greatness Leaves Clues. Over his 22 year career, Kevin has been privileged to speak to millions of people across America.  We're thrilled that Kevin is sharing his energy, expertise, and ideas with us throughout the Win the Week Challenge.

Q:  Perks Points are very important to me.  When will I get my Perks Points?

A: All Cal Fit members (and Win the Week Challenge non-member guests) receive points to reward a variety of actions, including club check-ins (once daily) and attending group fitness classes (unlimited).  During the challenge, Perks Points for check-ins and classes will be doubled, as a special bonus incentive.  You will receive points as you normally would, but the bonus points will be tracked throughout the challenge to determine an overall challenge winner by a third party.  Bonus Perks Points will be applied to your Perks account 7-10 business days after the challenge ends.

Q: I was injured/moved/lost interest and can't finish the Win the Week Challenge.  Now what?

A: You'll still be able to access the motivational videos and resources from the Win the Week Challenge Facebook group.  We encourage you to utilize these resources in the future as you work towards future goals.  Sorry, no refunds will be issued.

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